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About Clevon Harris

     Clevon Harris is an author, inventor and health advocate that was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 1997. His personal diet regime known as 'The Clevon Diet' has allowed him to work a standing job for more than 13 years, 7-9 hour shifts, often working in the heat, no fatigue and no medication. His success inspired him to document and later publish his studies. He recently had his publications 'My MS Success', 'Your Health & Healing' and 'Suffering With A Smile' corrected for grammatical errors and a better reading experience. Mr. Harris has studied health and wellness for close to 20 years. He has been featured in multiple news papers, been a guest on several radio stations, appeared on local TV, spoke at churches, colleges and conducted seminars. Mr. Harris continues to encourage patients that better days are ahead. It's time to reclaim what you once had.

Habakkuk 2:2 "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain...."

HOSEA 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."


My MS Success

     Mr. Harris was diagnosed with MS in 1997. The Internet was not readily available to him at the time so he began to study and chronicle his fight with the disease for study purposes. Surprisingly much of the information he began incorporating into his lifestyle then, is still kinda foreign to many people today. My MS Success is an educational book that many MS patients can learn from. Learn step by step on how Clevon Harris overcame the mental and physical challenges of the disease with his personal experience and dietary diaries. From a wheelchair to a walker, from a walker to a cane, Mr. Harris is now walking again and enjoys the life he had before he was ever diagnosed. My MS Success is a must read for any MS patient. 

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"Life is more enjoyable when you are healthy!"
- Clevon Harris

Your Health & Healing

     Right on the heels of My MS Succes, Clevon Harris returns to unleash even more powerful information in Your Health & Healing. He shares information that will allow the reader to have a better understanding of the human body. The benefits of healthy eating and the consequences of unhealthy eating are explained in detail in this 2nd publication. Our bodies are designed to naturally heal themselves. It should come as no surprise that God's green earth has a plethora  of options to help strengthen and optimize our health. This book has life changing information that any health conscious practitioner would be happy to embrace. Your Health and Healing is what you want and your health and healing is definitely what you deserve!

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Suffering With A Smile

     Many diseases change lives, steal dreams and leave people feeling alone and misunderstood. Some people are quick to judge a person's health status based primarily upon what they can see. Cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis are just a few of the many "invisible" debilitating diseases that plague millions of people. Suffering With A Smile offers effective recommendations for fighting various health problems with detailed methods possibly unheard of by many sufferers. In this publication, Mr. Harris openly shares his "Clevon Diet" with the goal of trying to assist others in gaining improved health over their diagnosis. Are you suffering with a smile? It's time to reclaim your happiness and wear a true, genuine smile!

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The "Clevon" Diet

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People want a diet that can provide them with better health, a longer life and successful results. So many diets exist in this world today that tell the same repeat information. There is only one "Clevon" diet and it can help fight MS, cancer and many other health ailments. (Included in Suffering With A Smile.)

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